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HQ50 All Holden Car Display

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OTT Motorsport Media and HQ Xtra are proud to partner with Shannons Insurance and the HQ Holden Racing category, to present the ‘HQ 50, All Holden Car Display’. The display will be held at Harris Park, Mount Panorama Bathurst, over the Easter weekend as a part of the Hi Tec Oils race event, to celebrate the 50yrs of the HQ Holden. The opportunity to park at the main spectator entry and display your incredible Holden at such a high profile event, will be simply unmissable.

Participation in the display will be only $15 per day which includes the display/parking, or $20 for both Saturday and Sunday display days. General admission will need to be purchased separately to the display fees and will be purchased prior to the event. log on to to register your interest and secure a part of the event.


A full field of HQ Holden Racing cars will tackle the track in what has been named the “HQ 50” event, celebrating the HQ Holden production 50 year Anniversary, with over 50 cars competing and a 50klm trophy race.


The Harris Park display site is nearby to the pedestrian cross over bridge. The site will be marked prior to your arrival, so the number of cars attending will be important for our planning.


The road entry gate will be used and only opened to allow the cars enter. It can not be left un-attended so all cars will need to be gathered nearby and enter as one group. A 30 min window will be allocated for this entry, however this means that once you’re in, you’ll need to be there all day until the gate opening 30 min window at end of day.


As already mentioned, all owners and those coming into the Bathurst 6 Hr race precinct with the show cars will require a general admission ticket.




Enter the circuit from the Panorama

Avenvue intersection, to be guided

towards the gate entry as a group

to be allowed access into the grounds

to park for the display.

Please FIRST click "submit form", then "pay deposit" to complete the registration.

Your completion of this form confirms your agreement that a registration fee and is non‐refundable unless your entry is not accepted. General admission will be required to enter the circuit grounds.  

HQextra-01 build 300dpi.png
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