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The motorsport show - 50 years in the making

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HQ Xtra began at the beginning of 2019 with a group of racers that wanted to connect HQ Holden competitors within NSW. This started with the introduction of a regular interactive live Facebook and YouTube program.

The popularity of the show has quickly surpassed expectations and expanded beyond not only in NSW, but is now keenly viewed by enthusiasts all across the country.

The show includes Wayne "Hollywood" Healey, his trusty co-driver Chris "Bucko" Buckley, Ian "Macca" McLean along with Rob "Mad Dog" McDougall as our incredible director that puts the whole show together. The guys are then joined on the panel by an incredible list of special guests including current racers, former legends and even future HQ race drivers. Finally we have a huge group of supporters off camera that make the show possible, including assistance from friends and professionals across the country.

As with any race team or community group, we can only afford to produce the show with the generous support of our sponsors. So, before you buy something or need services undertaken, think about "supporting the companies that support us" to be able to make this show happen.

So, strap yourself in and get ready for the next episode of HQ Xtra that is coming soon...