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The HQXtra Team

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Wayne Healey

Founder of HQXtra & Racecar Owner

Wayne wanted to support and grow the HQ Category and change the perception to mate Vs Mate on the track.

Known as Mr. Yes, Wayne will do anything for anybody.

Wayne started racing in 2007 and implemented the show in 2013

0425 300 620

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Chris Buckley

Co-Founder & Racecar Owner

Chris started racing with his father back in 2006 with a passion for the HQ Category.

Chris joined the show in 2013 and was honored with a Life Member of the HQ Category/NSW HQ Club in 2023.

being a previous State Champion Chris knows his way around the track.

0406 239 966

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Fth Bucko.png

Geoff Neill

Producer/Just Helping Out

Geoff has been involved with HQXtra since 2000

Geoff doesn't race but works around the track to capture that rare footage for the show.

Geoff has a keen interest in video and production.  

0430 808 811

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Brendan Healey

Technical - HQ Race Car Driver

Brendan started racing in 2023 almost taking out the rookie of the year until, his last race.

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