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Here is your chance to join in with the virtual word and be able to race in the first ever HQ Xtra race event. The series will race weekly at various tracks around the country, including an Endurance component for the final 3 rounds of the HQ Xtra Eseries Championship presented by Command Digital. 

Below is a guided instruction to download Steam (the master game program) and then the actual game of rFactor (not rFactor 2). The file is also attached as a PDF for downloading if you prefer. A Facebook Messenger chat has also been created and get in contact with HQ Xtra to us join you in the group ASAP. 

You will need  to complete an entry form and driver profile before competing. The races will be edited, commentated on by a well respected personality and then broadcast the following week.

Jason Molle from Command Digital Signage has been instrumental for making the whole series possible and his professionalism in creating the cars used in this series. Thank you to Jason and to Command Digital Signage for all of the hard work.

Obviously HQ Xtra could not be possible at all without the support of our primary sponsors from Osborn's Transport, Harvey's Towing, CR International along with Redistrip, Asset Plumbing, Kerway Asphalting and Hands on First Aid.  

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