HQ Racing NSW


2020 MA NSW HQ Holden State Championship

December 12th &13th – Sydney Motorsport Park

After a disrupted start to the year, with cancelled and postponed events, the final
round of the 2020 HQ State Championships had arrived. Mathematically only 6
drivers could win the title. Realistically probably only 3: Glenn Deering, Luke
Harrison and David Proglio. 16 cars came out to qualify and surprisingly the
championship contender did not participate in the finale. Brett Osborn set the
fastest lap to claim pole from Matt Barker. Row 2 consisted of Chris Molle and
John Baxter, and the third row filled by the 2 main protagonist for the title:
Proglio and Deering.

Osborn made a great start in race 1 to claim and early lead from Barker and
Molle. As the race settled, drivers formed a group of four at the front, with
Baxter joining the leading trio. The latter was on the move, overtaking Molle and
then Barker to go into 2nd position.

Peter Lynch and Grant Jury were having a spirited dice towards the back of the
field. Unfortunately Lynch lost 3rd gear and circulated slowly until the end.
Deering and Proglio swapped positions multiple times through out the race, it
was a true title fight. At the end Osborn pulled a small gap to second, winning
comfortably. Baxter finished in 2nd place from Barker 3rd . In Championship land
Proglio edged Deering to finish 5th and 6th respectively.

The start of race 2 was a repeat of the first one. The same group of 4 cars formed
at the front followed by another group of 4 cars. Osborn was back to his best,
slowly pulling away from Baxter, Molle and Barker. The main interest was the
championship battle, Deering and Proglio driving side by side in different parts
of the track.

Jury and Lynch continued the dice from the previous race, this time they were
joined by Jarrod Harber. Halfway through the race Deering lost pace and
started dropping through the field. If he had a DNF it would have had major
implications in the final point score. Fortunately, he still finished the race. Albeit
in 11th position.

Osborn finished 1st ; Baxter was home in 2nd place. Third position was only settled
during the last lap, with Barker overtaking Molle at the top of the hill. Proglio
came home a strong 5th .

Race 3 was memorable for many reasons; it would be the official title decider
and it also was Pedro Marusic 150th start in a NSW State Championship race.
Pedro is a tireless worker amongst the HQ community, often helping competitor
drivers to the detriment of his own racing. Harber’s car pulled into the pits in the
warmup lap, he would eventually rejoin the race a lap down. Osborn made a
brilliant start and took control of the race. The same 4 cars formed a leading
group; however, this time Osborn would pull away quite comfortably with little

Layton Crambrook was dicing with Proglio for 5th position as Deering made his
way through the field. Molle’s car retired into the pits while he was in a podium
finishing position. Up front Osborn was untouchable, he claimed the win by a 5
second margin. Baxter finished a strong 2nd; Barker continued his form to finish
3rd . The star of the day was Deering, becoming the 2020 NSW HQ State
Champion. Proglio tried hard all day to finish 3rd in the title, non-starter Luke
Harrison had enough points to finish 2nd . Congratulation to all involved in the
HQ Community, great effort by all to keep the show going amongst the Covid