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HQ Racing Victoria


Vic Round 1 Sandown

15th/16th February 2020

Race 1:

A combination of the early start to the 2020 season and people still trying to rebuild cars, conspired to yield a small field of just 11 cars. Amongst the absentees were Andrew McLeod, John Wise, Kev Stoopman, Rob Patterson, Rod Vervort, James Kenna and Micheal Ling. We did however, have a couple of former racers return in Brendan Martin and Ben Riches. Qualifying Ryan Woods took pole from Magilton and Raatjes. Perry Bekkers, McDonald and Jardine were the best of the rest. Race 1 Woods bogged down off the line, allowing Magilton to lead into turn 1. On the run up the back straight, Bekkers got hung our to dry on the wrong side of a big trail of oil an was shuffled down to order to 5th behind Raatjes and McDonald. The second lap saw the lead pack three wide up the back straight, with Raatjes taking the lead from Woods and McDonald, demoting Magilton to 4th. By the end of the 7th lap, the top 5 were line astern with Raatjes leading form McDonald, Woods, Magilton and Jardine. Raatjes went on to take the win from Magilton, McDonald, Jardine and Bekkers - with Woods succumbing to a clutch issue on the penultimate lap.


Race 2:

Magilton got the jump off the line from P2, but Raatjes held the lead into turn 1. As they crossed the line at the end of the first lap, Magilton had taken the lead from Raatjes, followed by Jardine and McDonald while Woods had made his way up to 6th. Positions changed between Woods, McDonald, Bekkers and Jardine and almost every turn for the remaining nine laps. Exiting Dandinong Rd for the final time, Magilton made a run on the outside of Raatjes, running side by side through the final 3 turns to steal victory, while Woods pinched second demoting Raatjes to third. Just 0.16 seconds covered the top 3.


Race 3:

Woods got away quickly and led most of the opening lap until he locked a brake into Dandy Rd, falling to fourth. Like the previous races, positions changed up and down the field every lap. As they began the final lap, Raatjes led from Woods, Magilton, Steve Banks and Jardine. Woods took the lead briefly at turn 4, but Raatjes used to tow up the back straigh to regain the lead. Down into Dandy Rd, Woods fired it up the inside of Raatjes, making contact and pushing him off the track. Woods crossed the line first, but received a 5 second penalty post-race. The finishing order for the final race was Magilton, Banks, Jardine and Woods - just ahead of a less than impressed Raatjes.

Championship standings

1. Magilton 520

2. Raatjes 495

3.Jardine 480

4. Banks 466

5. Bekkers 457

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