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HQ Racing NSW Rd 4 2019

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Cold and windy conditions greeted the drivers for the NSW State championship round at Wakefield Park. A solid field of 16 cars came out to qualify during Saturday morning. Brett Osborn showed his class by claiming pole with a time of 1;15.8256. Chris Molle was second fastest 0.8 seconds behind. The second row consisted of the returning John Baxter and Stuart Lillie. The third row was occupied by Dave Allan and David Proglio.

Molle made the best start in race 1 and found himself in the lead on the run to the top of the hill for the first time. John Baxter lost plenty of ground and found himself at the other end of the pack. As the cars finished the first lap the order was; Molle, Osborne, then a small gap to Lillie, Allan and Proglio. Tristan Wolds had a big lock up at the end of the straight as he was dicing with Shane Cox.

Osborn was hounding Molle and eventually went past him to take the lead. The speed of the new leader was unmatched and he proceeded to pull away. The battle for 3rd place was intense between Lillie, Proglio, Cambridge and Allan. It was not settled until the very end with Lillie coming out on top. The final result for the race was Osborn 1st, Molle 2nd and Lillie 3rd.

Osborn made a great start in the second race, with Molle right on his tail. Lillie and Allan continued their battle for 3rd and just behind them Cambridge was dicing with Proglio and Glen Deering. The whole field was trying very hard, Cox had a half a loose coming out of turn 2, and Gordon Macleay had a big lock up at the end of the straight.

The unfortunate John Baxter retired just after the fish hook, he eventually coasted into the pits. Up front Osborn was in a class of his own, Molle tried hard to stay on his tail but eventually dropped back. In the end Osborn won comfortably from Molle, Lillie continued his great form with another podium finish. Proglio was 4th and Cambridge came home 5th.

The trophy race was run relatively early on Sunday afternoon. Osborn started well again and lead Molle and Proglio into turn 2. Lillie and Allan diced for 4th when Allen made a great overtaking move coming down the hill for the first time. Cambridge went wide at the fish hook while dicing Deering, as he rejoined, he forced Marusic to alter his line. This is when Parker accidentally tapped the rear of Marusic. This small collision resulted in both Marusic and Parker to spin out in a synchronized formation.

The field drove by and Marusic rejoined the race on the tail of Glenn Miller, Parker on the other hand took an eternity to get going and lost about half a lap on the leaders. As the race matured Osborn had a comfortable lead from Molle. The second-place car was being hounded by Lillie, Proglio and Allen. Mark Baxter had a small spin at the top of the hill, he rejoined the race with little time lost.

Nearing the conclusion of the race, Lillie made a great move on Molle to take 2nd place. Molle tried his best to regain the spot but it was to no avail. The end result was Osborn 1st, Lillie 2nd and Molle 3rd.

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